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Chris Miller, Owner

At Presto Digital Transfer, we offer a wide range of transfer services.

Do you have slides stored away in a closet or attic? We can preserve them digitally by turning them into JPEGs. We can put them onto a DVD along with the music of your choice. And we can do the same thing with your photographs.

Do you have 8 mm, Hi8, VHS  or other video tapes that you can't watch because you don't have working play-back equipment? Why not have us transfer them to DVD?

How about your old 8 mm/ 16 mm films that you haven't watched in years because you don't have a film projector?  Presto Digital Transfer can transfer them to DVD. What's more, we can even add your favorite music and extract individual frames improve them and crop them to be developed / printed as pictures!

We do all of the work on-site.

All orders come with a free additional copy which we recommend be put in a safe place. If you ever need another copy, just stop by the office (or mail it) and we'll be able to make one for you - Presto!

Call us for pricing or submit a request for quote.

35 mm slides, Video-8 & Hi 8 Camcorder Tape
VHS Cassette Tape, 8 mm + 16 mm Film

DVD & CD duplication / Replication Services are also available.

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